Our workstation playlist is always updated with almost all of the latest Indie musicians and the newest addition to it is Abhishek Chande.

He has been working as a corporate guy all his life while always wanting to sing, to create music. When we first met him at our studio, the thing that struck a chord between us was his passion to turn his dream into a reality & above all his humbleness. He struggled a lot with himself for years to shift from what he wanted to do in his life, to what was more practical. All creative people face that. Isn’t it?

His debut music video, an original rendition of Shree Ganeshaya Dheemahi is totally briliant. The blend of classical and rock music is just beautiful and gives a new perspective to the listener altogether.

Not only the song is a great composition but his suave style in the video is sure to inspire a lot of guys this festive season. ( Courtesy – Reeneta Dutta 😀 )

Here’s wishing Abhishek all the success in this endeavour.

Let us know how did you like this song in the comments below.

Love N Luck