In My OPINION: A one time watch.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 starts where the part 1 ended, obviously! ūüėÄ As expected, it’s all about male perspective, dissecting the modern day relationships. Luv Ranjan is back with more of yaari, pyaar, ladki and ‘Siyappa’.

Here are 8 reasons to watch Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 – review

1. Gang Of Boys


Part one enjoys a cult status amongst audience because of the chemistry between Rajjo, Liquid and Chaudhary. But apart from Kaarthik Aryan a.k.a. Rajjo, the other two have been replaced by newcomers Omkar Kapoor and Sunny Singh. Initially they look and sound a little off track, but half an hour into the movie and you realise they are perfect fit for their roles. Sunny Singh is a treat to watch. Certainly this Gang Of Boys live in a better flat and drive better cars than their predecessors but share the same brotherhood.

2. Old Girls New Avatar


Nushrat Bharucha, Sonalli Seygall and Ishita Sharma. The entire female cast is repeated and all of them play the villain in their own pretty, sexy, sweet, cuddly way. Ishita Sharma has a better role in this one and she has done justice. Damn! You need to watch her seductive ballet dance performance!¬†Nushrat looks cute & her best friends, Tina and Ruchi, are going to remind you of several women you have met. Nothing much to say about Sonalli who plays ‘Suuuuuupriya’. She looked great but Sunny takes the limelight in the scenes that they appear together in.

3. Kickass Dialogues


Yes, this one too is filled with some solid punch lines and dialogues. For example when Chauka(Sunny Singh) dumps Suuuuupriya in front of her father with just 2 words for her “Chal Jhoothi” or when Thakur(Omkar Kapoor) and Gogo(Kaarthik) together scream “Chakka”. Back on popular demand is the Rajjo / Gogo’s monologue, revisiting “Problem kya hai” and… many more epic dialogue sequences.¬†The sheer positioning and delivery of these dialogues makes them memorable.

4. Get Over Your Break Up


If you have recently had a break-up or are going through one, head to the theatres to watch PKP-2. The characters are very natural and relatable. As a viewer, you feel you feel them & their situations. You may end up telling yourself, just as Chaudhary did in PKP, “Ye ungli wala mere saath bhi hua hai”.

5. Miss Your College Gang?


It’s a movie about the ‘Bro-Code’. Indian version of Barney Stinson theories put to test is what Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 is all about. This movie will also tell you that never corner your friends because of your love life. PKP2 has a single agenda and that is to point out the ‘bechargi’ of boys in a relationship and they have done it successfully.

6. Mumma’s Boy

giphy (1)

The only woman who means it with all her heart when she says “I Love You” is undoubtedly a Mother. So all you guys out there, its not bad to be a “Mumma’s Boy”.

7. No Luck On Tinder?


If you are feeling lonely and wish to convince yourself that you are better alone than with a nagging partner (this goes for both boys and girls), watch PKP and you will get all the reasons.

8. Dilli Meri Jaan


Its shot extensively in places where ‘Urban Delhi’ Chills! If you are from Delhi or have ever lived here, you will know what am talking about. It is a nice feeling to revisit the Capital in a different light.

I’m sure boys will anyway watch this no matter what the reviews says. But if you girls are still not convinced to watch, I have just one thing to say, “Chal Jhoothi”.