Rating: 3/5

Phobia is too many things. Phobia can be termed as the new age cinema in genres like horror and thriller. Phobia is refreshing due to its treatment. Phobia is something never seen before, a one-of-its-kind.

Pavan Kriplani is crystal clear about his vision and what exactly he wants to present to the audience. His execution proves that his vision is not tampered.Phobia-film-review1Phobia needs that extra concentration while watching. It starts very ordinarily, building up your interest for the awesomeness ahead. The film might have countable hair-rising scenes but they are top notch. Throughout the film, Pavan plays with your mind by keeping you engaged in the screenplay. Throughout the film you are with the character. Location wise, film revolves is one apartment but the incidents are spooky enough to scare you.Phobia-film-reviewRadhika Apte successfully carries the entire film on her shoulder. She makes sure that her performance is the highlight of the film. Other characters do justice to their part, making the scenes enjoyable. The entire credit for the film being likeable should go to the director Pavan Kriplani. His direction skills makes this film worth a watch. Editing is pitch perfect and background score is just apt.Phobia film review - Radhika APteIt is very difficult that a film, just on basis of its unique idea, turns out to be so good! Phobia has just one problem- towards the end, instead of clarifying things it leads towards confusion, a puzzle even after it ends. But even though the film ends on a confused note, you are plain thrilled by the concept and the execution. Watch it for its novelty and uniqueness. Undoubtedly a step ahead as far as Bollywood cinema is concerned.