In my OPINION: A little slow but worth one time watch.


“He can escape, but no one can escape him”, says Mira, one of the lovers and co-conspirator of Charles, and it stands true to its word in the movie based on Charles Sobhraj – ‘Main aur Charles’. The U.S.P of Main aur Charles, unlike the others of this genre, is that this one is not appalling and disturbing but rather engrossing and intriguing.


Main Aur Charles is a cocktail that Director Prawal Raman (Darna mana hai fame) has created by weaving a story around the killings and 1986 Tihar jail break of the ‘Bikini Killer’/ ‘The serpent’, Charles Sobhraj. He was the most notorious criminal of the 80’s. The film shows his real incidents but in a more stylized form; can say the story is ‘Bollywoodised’. The movie starts with a confusing timeline which takes its course to unveil the original plot.

Main aur Charles – Review


Charles Sobhraj was of French and Indian origin. A Psychopath and a serial killer who allegedly committed atleast 12 murders in South-east Asia. He was a charmer who worked his charm on women and used his hypnotic personality to his benefits.

Brilliant Background-score


The background score of the film is designed by Aditya Trivedi and is one of the best features of this movie, striking chords with the classic background of Don – similar yet different. The sound track carries the theme of the movie forward.

Stellar Performances


Randeep Hooda is a haryanvi. Watch this movie and tell me a scene where he lets you know that! That ‘French’ accent, the nonchalant style, the composed calmness – not a Haryanvi thing at all!


Adil as the cop is rugged and Richa Chaddha – the hopeless lover – has successfully essayed her part, but Randeep steals this show! He is seductive, charming and all things captivating. Certainly the dark horse of the Indian film industry!