Rating: 3.5/5 

Ki and Ka is the genius idea of the great R. Balki who always thinks different. If you notice Balki’s previous films, he has never taken an easy route. Looks like normal is not what he likes to do, at least as far as movies are concerned. And no, we are not complaining! Here’s our Ki and Ka Review

Ki and Ka has a brilliant story, something that is unbeatable. This is nicely accompanied by some outstanding performances. Arjun Kapoor is flawless in the film. Kareena Kapoor delivers a stunningly brilliant performance. Both the characters are very well written, giving the actors enough space to perform.


Swaroop Sampat and Rajit Kapoor are perfect in their supporting roles. Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan make a sweet appearance 🙂

Ki and Ka has made a brave attempt to change our thinking. Film does not deal with gender bias at any point. Balki’s vision to make the audience think is phenomenal. His direction skills drop a bit at places but again, no major complains!

Ki and Ka has a decent music score. The compositions fit in the film perfectly but as an album, only High Heels and Ji Hazoori stand out. Edit becomes a bit shaky at places where you wait for something new to happen. Great scenes with powerful dialogues makes Ki and Ka worth a watch.


Ki-&-Ka-review2Ki and Ka starts brilliantly, dips a bit in between and bounces back with a bang. The film is very different and it needs to be watched just for that. Ki and Ka is totally relatable as far as the characters are concerned. Everyone will find themselves somewhere or the other in Ki and Ka. It will definitely take time for the Indian society to accept the change of norms shown in the film.Till then, watch Ki and Ka, smile wide and hope to see this change in the near future.