In my OPINION : One time watch, Strictly for Irrfan Khan and the twist in the plot.

If Lawyers in India were as brilliant and skilled as Anuradha Verma (Aishwarya Rai) in particular, there would have been no need for Director Sanjay Gupta to make Jazbaa in order to prove his point! Anuradha is a brilliant lawyer who loves screaming in the court to make her point and win cases. She has also been shown as a single mother, an athlete, a fierce car driver, impersonator of Sherlock and part time Rudaali. All of these are some important parts of her character, sadly, Aishwarya fails to strike a balance.

jazbaa movie review 6

The story is a remake of a South Korean thriller, ‘Seven Days’. True to its genre, the story has twists and turns and is gripping. A top notch criminal lawyer of the city is forced to fight and win a case in order to get her daughter free from kidnappers.

And then enters the backbone of this movie, Inspector Youhaan (Irrfan Khan). His one liners, that can be found behind trucks and autos in our country, actually keep it going for the audience – kudos to the timely delivery.



Irrfan acts as the saving grace for the viewers who by then were bored of seeing glycerin smeared glassy eyes with loud screams and sobs.

Aishwarya looks beautiful and mature. The character of a mother suits her, but bad direction takes away a lot from her character’s soul. Melodrama amongst the main characters is what pulls the story down.

Jazbaa movie review 5If only Aishwarya would have been a little more subtle, remember Guzarish ?

Other characters include, Jackie Shroff, Shabana Aazmi, Atul Kulkarni, Chandan Roy Sanyal and new comer Priya Banerjee. Shabana Aazmi played her role effortlessly. And for a change, Jackie Shroff was silent, subtle and secretive, just what his character needed. Atul Kulkarni as a prosecutor did not get much to do, but he looked convincing for the part he did. Chandan Roy Sanyal as Niyaaz, who is convicted for rape and murder, acted really well. Priya Banerjee as Sia is a sight and promising. A little more of her on screen would have helped the movie too, I think.

The message in the end of the movie is sudden and out of the blue. It seems absurd when facts scroll in at the end stating India’s law and order. Completely out of place.

Sanjay Gupta’s love with green is out of my understanding! Maybe he took Aishwarya in the movie due to her eye color? Someone should tell him that VIBGYOR has other colors too! Why destroy the frame by killing natural colors, just to put his stamp? While remaking a movie, one should be loyal to the original. A bad view always gets you a bad review.