This is the season of reality shows on Indian Television. To oomph up this already spiced-up scene, Sony is coming out with a new show called Power Couple. Power Couple promises to be a tasteful mix of Love, Hate, Action & Drama.

Sounds interesting right? But wait. What if you & your partner could be on the show competing with other celebrity couples? Excited already? 😀

Sony’s new reality show Power Couple is giving real life common couples a chance to be a part of this new show. It won’t just add some spice to your love life but also turn you into a celebrity overnight. What are you guys waiting for then? Stop dreaming & enter this contest now!!

power couple

Its extremely simple. All you have to do is visit SonyLiv now, upload your picture with your loved one and write about the sweetest thing you have done for love. And voila! You may just win a wildcard entry into the show.


Pumping heart - Power Couple

Love N Luck