Raman Raghav 2.0 Redefines Thriller – Review

26 Jun , 2016  


I came out of the theater thinking what the hell did I just see! Raman Raghav 2.0 for me redefined thriller films in Bollywood. Rating:4/5 The moment the film starts it just grabs your attention and you are so much into the film that you wont have a clue of whats going on in your […]

Plus Size Fashion

What Plus Size Girls Cant Do

23 Jun , 2016  

feature plus size girls

In our daily lives, we often hand over power to others without knowing it ourselves. I shall explain what I mean by ‘power’ as we progress. How many of us step out of our houses without sparing a thought on what others might think? I do, for one. Even though we might proclaim we have […]


Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

17 Jun , 2016  

feature fathers day

Dear Papa, In a world which tells girls of all ages to look, dress and behave a certain way – you taught an insecure girl in her early teens struggling with body issues to love herself and take her flaws in her stride. Today, as I write to you as a nineteen year old girl, I am […]


Te3n Movie Review

12 Jun , 2016  

teen poster

Like biographies, suspense thrillers find their way to the audience’s heart just because of the genre they belong to. But some are executed in the same ordinary way whereas some are simply out of the world. Te3n may not belong to out of the world category but it’s definitely miles ahead of the ordinary. You […]


Fairytales or Nightmares?

12 Jun , 2016  


How many of us remember the fairy tales we were told in our childhood or those that we read from books with eye catching illustrations? Most of us do! Whenever I would watch Barbie as Rapunzel, I would ransack my cupboard to get hold of all my paints and crayons so that I could paint […]


Sexercising over Exercising! Bangfit by PornHub

11 Jun , 2016  

bangfit feature

I can bet a lot of you already know about this new exercising technique – Sexercise! The name says it all but yea, Bangfit by PornHub is something that says it can get you fit like F***! Its a mix of zumba, crossfit and yoga while also giving you and your partner a perfect reason to […]


The Woes of Binge Drinking

10 Jun , 2016  

binge drinking

Imagine this – a 25 year old who loves to go drinking with friends a couple of times in a month. Although not a regular drinker, by his own confession, whenever he and his friends go drinking, they wake up with a terrible hangover the next day and that are an indication that the previous […]


Here’s How To Control Anger & Turn It Into A Blessing

31 May , 2016  


There are a number of emotions that a human holds inside him and every emotion has different reactions. One such emotion is – Anger. There are different levels of Anger and every human being has a different intensity of it. Anger is always put on the negative side of the emotional spectrum, but is it? […]


This Is What Happens When You Call Somebody Beautiful

30 May , 2016  

Body Positive

A boring Monday evening, a random YT scroll and this is what we stumbled upon. Everybody on earth needs to watch this ‘coz we are all beautiful. Ever wonder what a simple compliment could do to a stranger? Have something to add to this story? Leave it in the comments below  


A Unique Storyline – PHOBIA Film Review

29 May , 2016  

phobia film review radhika

Rating: 3/5 Phobia is too many things. Phobia can be termed as the new age cinema in genres like horror and thriller. Phobia is refreshing due to its treatment. Phobia is something never seen before, a one-of-its-kind. Pavan Kriplani is crystal clear about his vision and what exactly he wants to present to the audience. His […]



25 May , 2016  

Pop Swatch

Watches stand for two F-words and it is not what you think, corrupt souls 😀 They are Fashion and Functionality. But in this digital age, it is sad to see watches replaced by sleek smart phones. Believe me when I say when one wears a watch, a woman turns into a Lady and a man […]


Ashley Graham in Joe Jonas’s new Single ‘Tooth Brush’

25 May , 2016   Video

Ashley Graham – if you aren’t familiar with this name, you are bound to conjure up an image of a 1.78 meter tall model with shiny hair and protruding collar bones teetering in high heels like Gigi Hadid in Zayn Malik’s single Pillow Talk that took the world by storm due to their sizzling chemistry. But […]

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