25 May , 2016  

Pop Swatch

Watches stand for two F-words (It is not what you think, corrupt souls); they are Fashion and Functionality. But in this digital age, it is sad to see watches replaced by sleek smart phones. Believe me when I say when one wears a watch, a woman turns into a Lady and a man into a […]


Ashley Graham in Joe Jonas’s new Single ‘Tooth Brush’

25 May , 2016   Video

Ashley Graham – if you aren’t familiar with this name, you are bound to conjure up an image of a 1.78 meter tall model with shiny hair and protruding collar bones teetering in high heels like Gigi Hadid in Zayn Malik’s single Pillow Talk that took the world by storm due to their sizzling chemistry. But […]


Trending: Femvertising

24 May , 2016  


I remember sitting in class passively when it erupted into a fierce debate. The topic under discussion was an Airtel Ad. Everybody was restless to put their points forth. I sat clueless as I had not watched the commercial. Some of my classmates took offense because the lady was shown cooking for her husband after […]

Plus Size Fashion

Work it out in style!

23 May , 2016  

Plus size workout fashion

We fat people have forever been expected to go the gym, start exercising, do yoga, blah blah blah. However, here’s one major challenge – comfortable workout clothes. I have seen a lot of plus size women in my gym wear leggings with huge t-shirts, probably from a men’s store or from an export surplus where you […]


Touches The Right Emotional Chord – Sarbjit Review

22 May , 2016  


Rating: 3.5/5 Seems like it’s the season of real life stories in Bollywood! May be ‘coz the filmmakers know that its the easiest way to reach viewers heart and if the story is helmed by a talent like Omung Kumar, then the film is definitely worth a watch. Sarbjit’s story needs no explanation. Post the trailer […]


Nobody Cares, But Dare You Get FAT Fardeen Khan!

21 May , 2016  

fardeen khan Body Shamed

The first thing I read as I logged in today on twitter as well as facebook was “Photos Surface of Actor Appearing to Have Gained Weight.” Twitter is filled with mean troll tweets like these! on 1 side we have #anantambani whose zest to live life made him fat 2 fit n there is #fardeenkhan […]


Body Positive Rituals – ‘Coz You Deserve It!

19 May , 2016  


Last week was body positivity week, and while the internet was abuzz with all kinds of way to celebrate the era of bodyposi, I was thinking of all those little things I want to do with myself on myself that would truly make my life one helluva journey! Basically, the body positive rituals I would totally […]


Not A Great Story, A Decent Entertainer – Azhar Review

14 May , 2016  


Rating: 3/5 Stories based on real life are a treat to watch on big screen. Azhar starts with a disclaimer saying the film is not a biography but incidents in the film are inspired by events from Azhar’s life. You can’t resist but question the authenticity of this story but it sure makes a decent […]


Do You Really Know Your Self ?

12 May , 2016  


We all have been through this phase in our life where we find ourselves into a complexity of accepting ourselves the way we are. May be it is easier to say than practically doing it. Do You Really Know Your Self ? Imagine if the entire world lives in a paradigm of Self-Acceptance and Self-Love, this planet will […]


Women vs Women

11 May , 2016  


Traveling by the Mumbai locals is a torturous task. With the crowd jostling for seats, people dripping in sweat, rain water lashing the windows in monsoons – it is never a pleasant experience whatever time of the year. Today, I was fortunate enough to secure a seat for myself in the early hours of the […]

Plus Size Fashion

Being A Plus Size Indian

8 May , 2016  


I hope you all have read my last post, where I speak about the latest plus size trends for 2016. Now, the biggest problem for us, a plus size Indian, is that there aren’t many stylish options we have. For many, clothes are just clothes. Its not an extension of their personality. At-least that’s what […]


A Typical Commercial Film, Gone Wrong : Baaghi Review

1 May , 2016  


Rating: 1.5/5 Baaghi is mediocrity at its best. Every single thing in the film is mediocre – be it script, performances or music. The only standouts were the action sequences . Sabbir Khan played very safe with Baaghi. The film must have made for a profitable proposal when it was being pitched to the producers. […]

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