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The Fears Of A Fat Person

28 Nov , 2016  


Fears are something you can’t get away with. Everyone has them, which may or may not be same. Some fear the dark, some fear elevators, some fear monsters under the bed and some fear the human race itself! These are individual fears but some fears are shared by a quite a few people, a community. […]


Hollywood movies that starred actors and their kids!

16 Nov , 2016  

sony LePlex HD

Did anyone say that family that works together, stays together? We sure hope its true, because these movies that starred actors and their kids make us feel so! The Hannah Montana Movie How can anyone forget Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley on Hannah Montana? I mean, I have never been an ardent fan, but my cousin was. […]


Just another rant by a fat woman!

8 Nov , 2016  

rant by a fat woman

It’s ok to let someone take from you what you thought was yours. May be it never was yours. May be you were meant to find something more than what you wanted. When I started writing about plus size fashion, being fat was still a taboo. I had more haters and disgusted comments than encouraging […]


Staycation or Vacation?

30 Sep , 2016  

The Resort Mumbai

The term staycation is not unheard of. However, whenever we think of taking a break, we either check flight tickets to nearby places or opt for a long drive. The luxury lovers usually book a business class to one of the finest hotels with a majestic view and breakfast in beds. But here are a few […]


Dear fat woman, you are sick!

27 Sep , 2016  

dear fat people photo

When I started blogging, I was a size 14 to 16. During my school years, I was an L. At the age of 10, I was a good 38KG. Infact, I was born a very healthy baby! It is now that I am a big fat woman of size 18, and growing, with a few […]

Plus Size Fashion

A thing or two about complimenting Plus Size Girls

22 Sep , 2016  

compliment header

Now that’s absurd, right? Why would one compliment a plus size girl? Like, whats there to compliment other than say “Hey! You are fat.” There are many ways the society compliments a plus size girl, and it goes like:  You’ve got a beautiful face there! Lose some weight and you will floor anyone with those […]


Tourist-ing Pondicherry over the weekend

9 Sep , 2016  

Pondicherry beach trip weekend getaway

5 things which make Pondicherry the perfect weekend getaway! The drive Barring some stretches, the drive from Bangalore to Pondicherry is such an elating feeling! Takes about 6 hours with highways as smooth as the skin shown on shaving ads (no m serious!), with ample options for food stops. Our favourite is Anand Bhavan. Me […]


Dosa Festival at The Resort Madh-Marve

3 Sep , 2016  

The resort Madh food festivals mumbai4

Food festivals are very common these days but a festival dedicated to a humble dish – Dosa, is not very heard of. Experimenting with cuisines and culinary styles is riding the high waves of food trends in India, and the latest such festival on the block of Mumbai food scene is The Dosa Festival at […]


On the hilltop at Lavasa – Weekend trip itinerary

16 Aug , 2016  

Travel Blog India | Lavasa Weekend trip

Weekends are a bliss for the working class! And if you can manage to take a quick refreshing trip over it, there is nothing more ecstatic and triumphant. My brother came down to meet me a few days back and while most of my weekends go by sleeping, this weekend he took the lead.  I […]

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Plus Size Fashion show in a regular Fashion Week is nothing to be happy about

5 Aug , 2016  

lfw header

Rewind back to five years from now. What was plus size then? A mockery! A way to shame and shut people up and embarrass them and make them feel like some criminal for having a body with not the perfect proportions. There was no mention of fashion and plus size, these 2 terms just didn’t […]


Live the island life in the beautiful Andamans!

4 Aug , 2016  

Andaman & Nicobar Islands (1)

April 2016 was a fabulous month for me! I travelled to one of the most beautiful places in the world – Andaman and Nicobar Islands. I had put up beautiful images of my trip on my instagram and needless to say, since I have come back to my bay, friends and readers both have been […]


Monsoon Skin Care for a Set Look All Day

2 Aug , 2016  

Fair and Lovely Powder Cream review India

Being in a tropical climate has its own flaws. While the monsoons make the whole scenario breathtaking, it takes a toll on your skin. I would consider you very lucky if you say you have no skin issues during the monsoon! Most of the time, I keep my hair tied up and away from my […]


The Science behind Gemstones

25 Jul , 2016  

gemstones astrology science

Gemstones have been like an age old tradition in Indian families. They are worn to bid away bad omen and ill health or bring about good luck, wealth and health. Frankly, it didn’t make sense to me. Like, how can having a stone stuck somewhere on your body wrapped in expensive metal going to heal […]


Google and Levi’s come together

7 Jul , 2016  

Jacquard by Google

We all remember Amitabh  Bacchan dancing to the tunes of ‘Saara zamaana haseeno ka diwana’ as lights on his jacket flickered to the rhythm of that song. Needless to say, we have all come a long way even though we still stop a bit from time to time to think if  Mr Amitabh Bacchan was […]


Give A Twist To Your Taste Buds With These Quick Recipes

2 Jul , 2016  

Coming home hungry to find no food is the saddest part of my everyday life. There are days when I am pumped up to whip up some of the finest delicacies I can cook, and then there are the home delivery options. But there are days when I am too broke and too tired but […]


Raman Raghav 2.0 Redefines Thriller – Review

26 Jun , 2016  


I came out of the theater thinking what the hell did I just see! Raman Raghav 2.0 for me redefined thriller films in Bollywood. Rating:4/5 The moment the film starts it just grabs your attention and you are so much into the film that you wont have a clue of whats going on in your […]

Plus Size Fashion

What Plus Size Girls Cant Do

23 Jun , 2016  

feature plus size girls

In our daily lives, we often hand over power to others without knowing it ourselves. I shall explain what I mean by ‘power’ as we progress. How many of us step out of our houses without sparing a thought on what others might think? I do, for one. Even though we might proclaim we have […]


Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

17 Jun , 2016  

feature fathers day

Dear Papa, In a world which tells girls of all ages to look, dress and behave a certain way – you taught an insecure girl in her early teens struggling with body issues to love herself and take her flaws in her stride. Today, as I write to you as a nineteen year old girl, I am […]


Te3n Movie Review

12 Jun , 2016  

teen poster

Like biographies, suspense thrillers find their way to the audience’s heart just because of the genre they belong to. But some are executed in the same ordinary way whereas some are simply out of the world. Te3n may not belong to out of the world category but it’s definitely miles ahead of the ordinary. You […]


Fairytales or Nightmares?

12 Jun , 2016  


How many of us remember the fairy tales we were told in our childhood or those that we read from books with eye catching illustrations? Most of us do! Whenever I would watch Barbie as Rapunzel, I would ransack my cupboard to get hold of all my paints and crayons so that I could paint […]


Sexercising over Exercising! Bangfit by PornHub

11 Jun , 2016  

bangfit feature

I can bet a lot of you already know about this new exercising technique – Sexercise! The name says it all but yea, Bangfit by PornHub is something that says it can get you fit like F***! Its a mix of zumba, crossfit and yoga while also giving you and your partner a perfect reason to […]


The Woes of Binge Drinking

10 Jun , 2016  

binge drinking

Imagine this – a 25 year old who loves to go drinking with friends a couple of times in a month. Although not a regular drinker, by his own confession, whenever he and his friends go drinking, they wake up with a terrible hangover the next day and that are an indication that the previous […]


Here’s How To Control Anger & Turn It Into A Blessing

31 May , 2016  


There are a number of emotions that a human holds inside him and every emotion has different reactions. One such emotion is – Anger. There are different levels of Anger and every human being has a different intensity of it. Anger is always put on the negative side of the emotional spectrum, but is it? […]


This Is What Happens When You Call Somebody Beautiful

30 May , 2016  

Body Positive

A boring Monday evening, a random YT scroll and this is what we stumbled upon. Everybody on earth needs to watch this ‘coz we are all beautiful. Ever wonder what a simple compliment could do to a stranger? Have something to add to this story? Leave it in the comments below 🙂  


A Unique Storyline – PHOBIA Film Review

29 May , 2016  

phobia film review radhika

Rating: 3/5 Phobia is too many things. Phobia can be termed as the new age cinema in genres like horror and thriller. Phobia is refreshing due to its treatment. Phobia is something never seen before, a one-of-its-kind. Pavan Kriplani is crystal clear about his vision and what exactly he wants to present to the audience. His […]



25 May , 2016  

Pop Swatch

Watches stand for two F-words and it is not what you think, corrupt souls 😀 They are Fashion and Functionality. But in this digital age, it is sad to see watches replaced by sleek smart phones. Believe me when I say when one wears a watch, a woman turns into a Lady and a man […]


Ashley Graham in Joe Jonas’s new Single ‘Tooth Brush’

25 May , 2016   Video

Ashley Graham – if you aren’t familiar with this name, you are bound to conjure up an image of a 1.78 meter tall model with shiny hair and protruding collar bones teetering in high heels like Gigi Hadid in Zayn Malik’s single Pillow Talk that took the world by storm due to their sizzling chemistry. But […]


Trending: Femvertising

24 May , 2016  


I remember sitting in class passively when it erupted into a fierce debate. The topic under discussion was an Airtel Ad. Everybody was restless to put their points forth. I sat clueless as I had not watched the commercial. Some of my classmates took offense because the lady was shown cooking for her husband after […]

Plus Size Fashion

Work it out in style!

23 May , 2016  

Plus size workout fashion

We fat people have forever been expected to go the gym, start exercising, do yoga, blah blah blah. However, here’s one major challenge – comfortable workout clothes. I have seen a lot of plus size women in my gym wear leggings with huge t-shirts, probably from a men’s store or from an export surplus where you […]


Touches The Right Emotional Chord – Sarbjit Review

22 May , 2016  


Rating: 3.5/5 Seems like it’s the season of real life stories in Bollywood! May be ‘coz the filmmakers know that its the easiest way to reach viewers heart and if the story is helmed by a talent like Omung Kumar, then the film is definitely worth a watch. Sarbjit’s story needs no explanation. Post the trailer […]

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